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Parents As Partners

Parent-Teacher Communication

At Appleland Playhouse, we strive to establish and maintain an open and proactive relationship with the parents. To provide each child with the best support and assistance, parents are kept inform of their child's progress through the Diibear App and Parent–Teacher–Communication (PTC) sessions.

Diibear App

Using the communication book function in the Parent's App, parents can send messages to the teacher to share information, updates, enquire or provide feedbacks. Vice versa, our teachers will use this instant message application to communicate with the parents. Parents will also be informed of any changes and updates from our school through the "News Feed" function. Parents will be able to gain a better understanding of how their child is doing in our school and their well–being.

Parent Involvement

We specially open our doors to all parents during special events for a chance for them to view the environment as we are sure they must be curious to know about the place where their child spends their most time in. There will also be fun activities and games for both children and parents.


Our aim is for all families to create warm and happy memories in Appleland Playhouse. We hope this creates an opportunity for all families to spend quality time together and create stronger and deeper bonds with their child.

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