Activities and field trips are lined up throughout the year, allowing your child to explore and learn while having fun. Not only will these activities make learning more enjoyable and engaging, they also create fond memories for all Appleland students.

June Holiday Programmes

(suspended till further notice due to COVID-19)

Every June we have an array of fun, exciting and engaging activities planned for your child to learn outside of school. Our June Holiday programme include educational visits and workshops conducted in school. These activities will maximise your child's learning and allow more outdoor playtime opportunities.

For more information, click here to view our June Holiday Programme videos.

Appleland Camp

(suspended till further notice due to COVID-19)

This one-night overnight camp is held in Appleland Playhouse and is open to Kindergarten 2 and Student Care students only. During the camp, your child will go on an educational outing trip, come back to school for fun group activities, have dinner, and stay overnight in school. Parents can pick their child home the next morning.

Your child will spend their day being physically active, have fun and build lasting memories with their friends. This short camp will be a great experience for your child and allow them to forge confidence and grow more independent.

For more information, click here to view our Appleland Camp video.

Graduation Concert Ceremony

After 6 years of preschool education, your child will be graduating and experiencing their first graduation ceremony. Appleland Playhouse's Graduation Concert Ceremony is held annually in November. This event is for Playgroup to Kindergarten 2 children.


The K2 graduates will have their graduation ceremony followed by dance and enrichment programmes' performances from the rest of the classes. Parents will be able to watch their child donned in cute costumes, dancing alongside their classmates and friends.

Educational Visits

(suspended till further notice due to COVID-19)

Educational visits are an integral part of the curriculum. Students are exposed to hands–on learning and site visits such as art and science museums, fire stations, nature parks, and more. Outdoor trips are planned throughout the year (mostly in June).

We believe in learning beyond the classroom, and by seeing and experiencing things first–hand, would the learning experience be fruitful and memorable.

Physical Activity

For your child to grow up healthy, it is important that they are  physically active to help them develop and maintain a healthy body and mind. At their age, exercises should be fun!

Physical Activity classes held indoors include simple games and activities that involves running, jumping, squats and/ or lunges. We also bring them out to the playground where they can play freely.



On special occasions, we will have celebrations in school where students and teachers will come together to celebrate, spread happiness and give thanks.


On other special occasions, such as Easter Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, students will do art and craft activities in school and bring their craft work home.

Community Involvement

It is important to learn about the people and neighbourhood around us. We encourage our students to join activities or events to help them feel connected to the community. 

Sometimes we invite professionals from external organisations to conduct talks in our school. They will share their specialist knowledge and interesting experiences and is a great way to inspire and extend children's learning.