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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is built upon thoughtfully chosen English and Mandarin book titles, where children not only learn the language components but also expand their learning across various subjects by delving into the content of these books. The curriculum covers fundamental to advanced concepts through specially designed lessons and activities, covering Language (English and Mandarin), Numeracy (Mathematics), Science (Environment), Fine and Gross Motor Skills, Aesthetic and creativity, Music and movement, and Social and Emotional development domains. Moral and Health education is seamlessly integrated into the curriculum throughout the child's preschool years, with the aim of nurturing your child.


At Appleland Playhouse, we advocate for hands-on activities to stimulate your child's self-discovery, self-learning, and problem-solving skills. Our bilingual program plays a crucial role in establishing a robust foundation in both English and Mandarin, ensuring your child is well-prepared for a smooth transition to primary school.

Infant Care

(2 to 17 months)

Daily activities will be provided to support children in achieving their developmental milestones. Through participation in reading, art and crafts, sensorial play, music and movement, and exercise activities, they will develop language, social, and motor skills. Exposure to fundamental concepts like alphabets, colours, shapes, numbers, and vocabularies will also be incorporated into their learning experience.

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(18 months to 2 years old)

Your child will learn to build their language skills and social skills through play, music and movement and games. They will learn to build their fine and gross motor skills through simple activities. Basic alphabets, colours, shapes, numbers and simple math concepts such as matching, grouping, counting will be taught.

Nursery One

(3 years old)

Letterland Phonics and Chinese Pre-reading Programme will be introduced to aid in early recognition of the English and Chinese characters. They will start on their pre-writing skills and building of foundation through early literacy for both English and Mandarin, and Mathematics. They will also explore and learn through play and hands–on learning to maximise the understanding of the literacy books.


Nursery Two

(4 years old)

Foundation of Han Yu Pin Yin will be introduced and they will continue their Letterland Programme. Activity sheets will be provided to help them learn to write, and to reinforce their understanding. Other hands-on and academic learning will also be integrated during each lesson based on their literacy books.

Kindergarten One

(5 years old)

More advanced concepts of the Letterland and Han Yu Pin Yin Programmes will be taught. They will be covering more literacy books and will complete the foundations of Han Yu Pin Yin by the end of the year. To maximise their understanding, hands-on learning and academic learning will be integrated into each lesson.


Kindergarten Two

(6 years old)

Kindergarten Two is the last year of your child's preschool year, our goal is to prepare them for the academic challenges they will face in Primary One. Activity sheets and spellings will be given to reinforce their understanding of the Letterland Phonics and Han Yu Pin Yin. They will complete the basics of Han Yu Pin Yin by the end of the year. 

Student Care

(7 to 12 years old)

We will take care of your child's needs after primary school hours. Your child will complete their school homework and have revisions during their time here. During school holidays there will be activities such as excursions, camp, outdoor plays, and more.

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