Choosing a childcare center for your child is one of the most important decisions for a parent. We take pride in our commitment to your child, therefore we always ensure your child is in a happy, safe and clean environment.

Health measures:

Temperature ScreeningAll children are subjected to daily health check at the entrance of the school upon arrival

Maintaining good hygiene levelsEvery week our school thoroughly disinfects and sanitise our toys, mattresses and all surfaces that are frequently touched

Safety measures:

First Aid Assistance:

– In an accident, teachers who are trained and certified in First Aid will perform Standard First Aid Procedure

– In serious cases, the nearest medical aid will be sought and parents will be informed immediately. 

Precautionary measures against COVID-19

Temperature Screening:

– All visitors required to take their temperature upon entering

Travel Declaration:

– Children and staff must inform and fill up travel declaration form before leaving Singapore

– All visitors must declare any traveling over the past 14 days

– Parents must inform us immediately if your child is living in a household with person(s) on Home Quarantine Order (HQO), Stay-Home Notice (SHN) or Leave of Abscence (LOA)

14-day Stay-Home Notice/ Leave of Absence:

– For all staff and children returning from any country to Singapore

– For all staff and children with any household member who is on HQO, SHN or LOA

Ensuring good hygiene levels in school:

– All children aged 2 years and above must wear a mask/ face shield when in school

– Daily cleaning and disinfecting surfaces

Suspended activities:

– All large group activities and excursions

– Morning assembly

– Outdoor Plays

– No showering for Nursery 1 and above children (need-to basis only)

Limitation of visitors:

– Only 1 parent is allowed for drop-off and pick-up

– Parents will no longer be allowed to accompany their child on their first 3 days of school

– School visits only on Saturdays, strictly by appointment only. (Visitors must be well to enter our premises)

Other strict measures:

– Those with fever, cough, flu or red spots in mouth/ hand/ feet must see a doctor promptly

– We will deny entry to any unwell staff, children, and visitors who has any symptoms stated above

– No mingling with one another at drop-off/ pick-up point

Last update: 6 Jan 2021