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Our Story

Appleland Playhouse first opened its doors in Merino Crescent in 1988. Since then, the school has grown through word–of–mouth from parents. In 1999, we moved to a new and larger premises at Depot Road, where it has continued to grow and welcome new students every year. In June 2019, we expanded and opened our Infant Care within the preschool.


With over 30 years of experience and currently over 100 students under our care, Appleland Playhouse continues to deliver quality preschool education at an affordable school fee rate to infants (2 to 18 months) and young children (18 months to 6 years old). Our team of educators are dedicated individuals who cares for, guides and monitors your child's physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. We also offer enrichment programmes to create more opportunities for your child to gain new skills.

Appleland Playhouse is an independent school and was awarded the Top 100 Elite & Trustworthy SMEs by Singapore Enterprise Medal of Honour in 2016.


Every child is important to us. We see children as individually unique and active learners, and celebrate their individuality by respecting the choices they make. We believe that through the freedom of choice, children will grow into confident and responsible adults, harnessing good values and contributing positively to the world they will inherit in the future.

At Appleland Playhouse, we strongly believe that parents are the primary caregiver and supporter of the child's learning and growing. Our close collaboration with parents acknowledges them as an essential partner in the development of their children.

As educators, we set ourselves as examples to the parents and the community and constantly seek opportunities to grow professionally. In our school, we hope to build a trusting, caring and supportive relationship between children, parents, teachers and community.

Our Vision

To develop a love of learning within each child

Our Mission

At Appleland Playhouse, we aim to be a warm and loving preschool. We strive to maintain a happy and caring family atmosphere, and to uphold our educational ethos. We believe that in order for children to enjoy learning and have a desire for life-long learning, we commit to create a supportive learning environment that allows exploration, discovery and creativity.

Our mission is to help our students acquire Learning Skills, Numeracy Skills, Social Skills, Intellectual Skills, Aesthetic Awareness, Self-confidence, Independence and Responsibility through a wide range of age-appropriate materials and activities.

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